Refund Policy

1. Return Period

  1. Before we deliver the goods to the buyer, we will take photos of the goods and send them to the buyer as proof that the goods are in good condition. 
  2. The buyer has 5-day to return the goods after receiving. In the event that the goods arrive damaged, please take photos as proof and inform us immediately by WhatsApp / Email, so that we can take note of your case and record in our system for further action. 

2. How to return the Goods?

  1. For those return requests, please approach our Customer Service by WhatsApp / Email;
  2. You are requested to pack the goods in their original packaging for the carrier to pick up the goods to prevent secondary damage;
  3. The refund amount will be further updated to the buyer once we have received the goods and further checked on the condition and valuation.
  4.  A Refund Form will be sent to the buyer to fill out the necessary information, then we will process the refund once the form has been signed and agreed to the refunded amount with the completed required information.

3. When will I receive a refund?

  1. All refunds will be taking 7-14 business days only to be refunded to the buyer’s bank account, the company and we will not refund to the buyer in cash. 
  2. If the buyer does not have a bank account and requests to remit the money to a third-party account, then the buyer must notify the company in writing of the above arrangement. 
  3. The request will not be entertained if only by oral notice.

4. Goods not eligible for the return policy:

  • Custom orders or made-to-order works made especially for you;
  • Prints on demand;
  • Virtual Goods (Licences, Active Services & Subscriptions, Advertising etc…);
  • Special orders when a specific return policy is mentioned;
  • Goods damaged that not report within 5-day after received;
  • Damaged goods resulting from misuse, abuse, normal wear & tear and incorrect;
  • Artworks framed on request or inspected will not be entitled to a return.
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