Brief Introduction about Raymond Gallery

Raymond Gallery is a website (as Raymond is the idea creator we agreed put his name as the brand) – a virtual, digital art gallery. We are collecting artworks and masterpieces from local visual artists to make our website a hub for a huge collection of many distinct types of drawings and artwork. What’s good is that people from all over the world can admire the art, and not only that, they could also purchase their desired piece from here.

Triple win, as stated comes in here, one – we could help local artists in opening up worldwide market by joining our digital gallery platform, two – enable people all over the world to look for their desired pieces where they have affinity with at the right price and with great quality, three – w e could promote awareness towards Penang for its rich culture and interesting tourism destination.

Of course, apart from business purposes, art aspect and tourism advantages, we are slowly making this an education for more people especially youth and young people to appreciate art better. We do not want art to die, because Picasso once said “very child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”.

The phenomenon of dying art might get worse with the rise of technology and internet. But see, we are using this tool to reversing negativity into favourable results, using website, internet and social media in promoting art.

In doing so, we are looking for the right partners, and more artists to entrust their art to us, while we are working on our part to open up wider markets across the world, and to create more awareness in getting huge amount of viewers, people with the same interests, and to pitch newbies and beginners into our industry of art.

We believe for now a could do a Triple Win, in near future we will create more wins f or whoever that join us! Art is not a new industry but we are creating a digital art gallery, new and fresh in Penang, Malaysia, for new market, new hope and new method for art business.


Raymond Sensation is based on art, food, housing and behavior. The starting point is to use my perspective to explore more about Malaysia with you! Malaysia is a fascinating and diverse country with vibrant cities, breathtaking rainforests, stunning tourist attractions, fine antiques and even paintings by talented local artists. Whether you are a cultural seeker, a nature lover, or just looking to travel the country in search of fine dining, Malaysia has it all.

Alone Better Together, my next step is to think about how to spread good things, share happy information, and live a relaxed and happy life with friends, so that I can sublimate my own happiness, Because happiness is indeed to be felt and experienced together with companions.


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