This Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection Statement (the “Statement”) applies to Raymond Gallery (the “Platform”), which is owned, operated and maintained by Wonsys Martech Solutions Sdn Bhd (202103030679) (the “Company”). Companies and platforms are referred to as “we” or “us”. By using, accessing or interacting with the Platform, submitting information to us or registering for any of our Services, you provide us with Personal Data (as defined herein) (which may include Sensitive Personal Data), and you agree and agree to these Terms of Use Statement and the use of your personal data by us, our respective subsidiaries and affiliates, including the collection, processing and transfer of your personal data for the purposes described below.


By accessing or interacting with the Platform, communicating with us, registering with or using any of our services, purchasing services or products from us, or your interaction with us, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Statement and agree to agree with us in accordance with this Statement The use, processing and transfer of your personal data are described in.

We reserve the right to modify, update or amend the policies and statements set forth on this platform at any time. By browsing the Platform to view, download, purchase services and products, or communicate with us after modifications, updates or amendments to this Policy and Statement, such actions constitute your acceptance of such modifications, updates or amendments.

In the event of any conflict/difference between the Chinese version of this Policy and Statement and other language versions, the English version shall prevail.


“Personal Data” means relevant information that can identify you, including but not limited to your name, ID number, birth certificate number, passport number, nationality, address, phone number, fax number, bank details, credit card details, Race, gender, date of birth, marital status, residency status, educational background, financial background, personal interests, email address, your occupation, your position in the company, your company details, the industry you work in, any profile Information about you that you provide to us through the Platform or any other related service, including through registration forms, application forms or any other similar forms and/or any other similar forms collected, stored, used and processed by us from time to time and/or Any data about you, including sensitive personal data such as data related to health, religion or other similar beliefs.


In addition to the personal data you provide us directly, we may collect your personal data from various sources, such as:

A) Registration form or any other similar form completed online or otherwise;
B) When you register as a subscriber/user on the website;
C) On pages on social media platforms, such as when you subscribe, follow, like or like those pages;
D) When you interact, interact and communicate with us at any event or through social media platforms;
E) When you participate/participate in contests and events held by us;
F) From various entities or divisions of the company;
G) Through the use of this website or other websites linked to this website, including all websites operated by the Company. Your personal data may also be collected from cookies used on the website;
H) By purchasing products and services from the Platform;
I) When following you, liking or following our social platforms/pages;
J) Various entities and divisions under our “Wonsys Martech Solutions Sdn Bhd” brand or business partner brand have stored your personal information;
K) When you log in to the website, our server makes the login, such as Internet Protocol address details;
L) Contact us via email or our customer service.


By using our platform, services and products, you agree and consent to our use, processing and storage of your personal data for the purposes specified in this policy and statement. We may use and process your personal data for corporate administrative and business purposes, including but not limited to the following (the “Purposes”):


A) To respond to your inquiries, comments and feedback;
B) To communicate with you for any of the purposes set out in this Statement;
C) Maintain/improve/enhance the quality and delivery of our customer service;
D) Maintain appropriate records for internal management purposes (e.g. audits, data analysis, database records);
E) Our obligations to comply with the law and to investigate, detect, prevent and prosecute security breaches, crime and fraud.

When You Are Our Customer/Subscriber/User:

A) To perform our obligations in relation to any contract with you;
B) Provide any services or products you have requested, and/or process your purchases or requests for services or products;
C) You request material/material from us, process your request, deliver material/material to you, provide you with a license for the content you wish to use;
D) Process your participation in any company-sponsored event (e.g., focus groups, research, competitions, promotions, polls/surveys, any assignments, etc.);
E) Process, manage or verify your order/reservation/purchase of our services and products;
F) Verify your purchases and process payments in connection with any services and products you request;
G) Understand and analyse our sales and your needs and preferences;
H) Develop, enhance and provide services and products that meet your needs; and
I) To process changes to our services and products.

Marketing and Promotional Purposes

We will also use and process your personal data for other purposes:
A) Send you reminders/notifications/updates/newsletters/promotional materials/special privileges/holiday greetings via electronic device/mobile application/other online platform by post, personal delivery, courier service, email, phone call or newsletter Wait;
B) Notify/remind/invite you to participate in events organised by us;
C) Handle and follow up on the activities you have registered, attended, and participated in to communicate;
D) To share your personal data with our subsidiaries, affiliates and jointly controlled entities and to promote their services, products, marketing activities/promotions.


We will also transfer/access/disclose your personal data to third parties for this and other purposes. In addition, we may engage or appoint other companies/service providers/individuals to perform appointments on our behalf and therefore may provide (but not limited to) the use/disclosure of your personal data to third parties as described below:

A) Comply with government agency regulations, laws and government requirements;
B) Authorized representatives of the company, other entities within the company, our business partners and strategic partners;
C) Event management companies and event sponsors, including those who work with us on specific events/competitions/programs;
D) Market research and consulting firms,
E) Information Technology (IT) service providers for infrastructure/system/application/website/software development projects;
F) Professional bodies such as external auditors, legal advisors, financial advisors, etc.

In addition, your personal data may also be shared and/or transferred in corporate transactions (such as the sale of a subsidiary or division, merger, or sale of assets, or unlikely liquidation)


Your personal data may be transferred/transferred from other jurisdictions outside Malaysia, stored/used/processed to companies owned by the Company located outside Malaysia and/or companies located outside Malaysia where the Company’s servers are located.

You understand and agree to the transfer/transfer of your personal data from Malaysia to outside Malaysia as described here.


If you wish to withdraw or cancel your consent, you may notify us in writing asking you to withdraw your consent from our use and processing of your personal data for the purposes set out here and for other purposes.


You can submit a complaint/feedback, request access rights and/or request correction of your personal data, request restriction of processing of your personal data and/or make any enquiries about your personal data by:

A) Attention: Marketing Department
B) Address: B-3-13 Plaza Arkadia, No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.
C) Email:
D) Contact Number: 012-304 1689
E) Operating Hours: 9am – 5pm (Monday – Friday)

With regard to your right to use and/or correct your personal data, we have the right to refuse your request to use and/or correct your personal data on grounds permitted by law (for example, where a right of use is provided, to to you, disproportionate to the risk to your or others’ privacy).

If you do not wish to have your personal data collected through cookies on the website, you can disable/block/deactivate cookies, delete your browsing history and clear the cache in your internet browser by adjusting your internet browser settings.


Minors (individuals under the age of 18) are not permitted to submit or provide their personal data to us. If the minor provides their personal data in order to use this platform to purchase services or products or to interact with us, please ensure that the minor is under the supervision and monitoring of the parent/legal guardian with the consent of the parent/legal guardian To carry out the act of providing us with personal data.

As a parent/legal guardian, please do not allow any minors (individuals under the age of 18) in your care to submit personal data to us without your attention. If such personal data is provided to us, you hereby consent to the processing of the minor’s personal data in your capacity as the minor’s parent/legal guardian for the purposes and/or personal purposes set forth herein, accepting and agrees to be bound by this Statement and to be responsible for his or her actions.


If you provide us with any personal data about a third party (such as your spouse, family member or friend), by submitting his/her personal data to us, you assure us that you have obtained the consent of said third party to Agree to allow you to provide us with his/her personal data for the purposes listed here and/or for other purposes, and to process and use his/her personal data in the manner set out in this statement.

If a provider has misappropriated other people’s personal data and/or provided other people’s personal data to us without his/her knowledge, the provider must take any responsibility for its actions and has nothing to do with the company, and we will retain all accountability right.


Our Platform may connect and link to third party websites/platforms. Please note that we are not responsible for the collection, use, maintenance, sharing or disclosure of data and information on third party websites/platforms.

If you provide data directly to a third-party website/platform, the privacy policy and personal data protection statement on that third-party website/platform apply. Therefore, we are not responsible for the privacy policies and personal data protection statements made by the above-mentioned third-party websites/platforms.

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