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Raymond Gallery’s Story

If you ever ask why did we start this Gallery, this is how the journey begins :

Quite some time ago, when the idea creator, Raymond Lam went to Kuala Lumpur and visited an art gallery, what he found out was Malaysia might not have an extremely huge market for visual artwork such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, or even antiques and photography masterpieces. When he was in the gallery, what he has known from the caretaker was most of the time the artists will bring their masterpieces to the gallery, put there to exhibit and wait for the person with right affinity to bring it home. Famous, and well-known painters get better chance of course – their masterpieces will be hung up for better view. What about those beginners ? What if after some time, their paintings did not manage to attract its admirer? This is the question arises. Having chatted with some local visual artists, I notice that many, or I rather say majority of them could not make a living by just drawing. They are so passionate towards it, produced many great masterpieces, yet unknown and unsold. Just imagine if you are so passionate in something and for your whole life you are waiting for just one chance, but it turns out to be like catching wind during rainstorm.

About Founder

Raymond is a man of dream. Being a pure Hong Kong born who sailed across to Penang with his family to make it their second home then shared his observation with his groups and friend, which includes me, and we decided to do something about it, to turn his dream into reality and to find a solution towards his observation.

As for me, a tea drinker, a free writer and heritage enthusiast, I may not have such a great vision and I may not have much sense in art, but what I have is great love towards my home, Penang and try to put a finger in making Penang greater!

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