Ken Ooi


Ken Ooi was born in Malaysia and his ancestral home is Puning City, Guangdong Province. Graduated from the Advertising Graphic Design Department and Fine Art Department of Penang Academy of Art. From the natural real life, the things I observe, the experience I experience, the emotions I feel, and the thoughts I think are transformed into color images to express. Using the mutual echoes between colors, the contrast relationship, and the fusion of reality and fantasy to show the tension of the picture, presenting the tranquility and harmony in the movement, and the order and balance in the melody.

As for modeling, I don’t pay much attention to right and wrong, similarity and dissimilarity, logical and illogical, concrete or abstract, objective or subjective. I choose the marginal thinking zone between the two, forming a sense of impermanence, mystery and unknown in the picture, just like in real life.

I focus on the relationship between form and force, which is the root of painting. The size of the color block area changes to make the layout, the line and dot strokes, and the color change to create a sense of space, emotion, and spiritual language in the picture. Prompting the viewer to form an interaction with the picture, creating a greater space for self-synthesizing associations and artistic conception.

My creation

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